UW CSE has a growing faculty with diverse expertise in robotics as well as related areas such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Collaborations in robotics research and education also span across departments and colleges, with robotics faculty and researchers in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering, Human-Centered Design & Engineering, School of Information, School of Nursing, and the Law School.

Robotics Faculty @ UW CSE


Dieter Fox

Professor - CSE
Robotics and State Estimation Lab

Artificial Intellience, Robotics, State Estimation

Emanuel Todorov

Associate Professor - CSE
Movement Control Lab

Intelligent Control in Biology and Engineering

Assistant Professor

Joshua Smith

Associate Professor - CSE
Sensor Systems Lab

Personal Robotics, Sensing for Robotics, Sensor Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Power

Assistant Professor

Maya Cakmak

Assistant Professor - CSE
Human-Centered Robotics Lab

Human-Robot Interaction, Programming by Demonstration, Robot Teleoperation

Rajesh Rao

Professor - CSE
Neural Systems Lab

Brain-Computer Interfaces, Computational Neuroscience, Humanoid Robotics

Collaborators @ UW CSE

Ali Farhadi

Assistant Professor - CSE

Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Luke Zettlemoyer

Associate Professor - CSE

Natural Language Processing

Richard Ladner

Professor - CSE


Steve Seitz

Professor - CSE

Computer Vision

Zoran Popović

Professor - CSE

Animation, Computer Graphics, Learning Games, Natural Locomotion, Optimal Control, Optimization, Scientific-Discovery Games

Collaborators @ UW

Blake Hannaford

Professor - EE

Haptic interfaces, Medical Robotics

Eric Klavins

Associate Professor - EE

Self-organizing systems, Swarm Robotics, Synthetic biology

Eric Seibel

Research Professor - ME

Howard Jay Chizeck

Professor - EE

Haptic interfaces, Robot ethics, Surgical robotics

Kristi Morgansen

Associate Professor - AA

Bio-inspired Robots, Multi-agent control

Maryam Fazel

Associate Professor - EE

Convex Optimization, Systems and Control Theory

Mehran Mesbahi

Professor - AA

Distributed Space Systems, Optimization, Systems and Control Theory

Peter Kahn

Professor - Psychology

Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robotics

Ryan Calo

Assistant Professor - LAW

Cyber Law, Privacy, Robotics & Policy

Sam Burden

Assistant Professor - EE

Cyber-Physical Systems, Neuromechanics, Sensorimotor Control Theory