The Robotics Colloquium features talks by invited and local researchers on all aspects of robotics, including control, perception, machine learning, mechanical design, and interaction. The colloquium is held Fridays between 1:30-2:30pm (virtually over Zoom - details will be sent over the mailing list). Special seminars outside this schedule are indicated below.

If you would like to give a talk in upcoming Robotics Colloquia, please contact Karthik Desingh. If you would like to get regular email announcements and reminders about the robotics colloquium speakers, please sign up for the Robotics@UW mailing list.

Winter 2021 Organizers: Karthik Desingh, Dieter Fox

Upcoming Talks

TBA 01/29/2021 01:30 PM, TBA
Robert Platt (Northeastern University) 02/05/2021 01:30 PM, TBA
TBA 02/12/2021 01:30 PM, TBA
Maja Mataric (University of Southern California) 02/19/2021 01:30 PM, TBA
Julie Shah (MIT) 02/26/2021 01:30 PM, TBA
Semantic Robot Programming... and Maybe Making the World a Better Place
Chad Jenkins (University of Michigan) 03/05/2021 01:30 PM, TBA
Oliver Kroemer (CMU) 03/12/2021 01:30 PM, TBA

Details of previous Robotics Colloquiua can be found here.