May 23, 2015

UW Robotics @ ICRA 2015

UW has a strong presence at the International Conference on Robotics & Automation (ICRA 2015); one of the largest robotics conferences happening in our home town Seattle between May 26-30 this year. Here is the list of talks from UW affiliates (indicated with *).

  • Towards Real-Time Under-Ice Acoustic Navigation at Mesoscale Ranges
    Sarah E. Webster*, Lee Freitag, Craig Lee*, Jason Gobat*
    WeA1T9: Wednesday 09:31, WSCC 615/616
  • Depth-Based Tracking with Physical Constraints for Robot Manipulation
    Tanner Schmidt*, Katharina Hertkorn, Richard Newcombe*, Zoltan Marton, Michael Suppa, Dieter Fox*
    WeA1T2: Wednesday 09:39, WSCC 606
  • Real-Time Grasp Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Joseph Redmon*, Anelia Angelova
    WeP1T2: Wednesday 14:42, WSCC 606
  • Efficient Leader Selection for Translation and Scale of a Bearing-Compass Formation
    Eric Schoof*, Airlie Chapman*, Mehran Mesbahi*
    WeP2T1: Wednesday 16:22, WSCC 602/603
  • Robot Programming by Demonstration with Situated Spatial Language Understanding
    Maxwell Forbes*, Rajesh Rao*, Luke Zettlemoyer*, Maya Cakmak*
    WeP2T5: Wednesday 16:38, WSCC 609
  • Physics-Based Trajectory Optimization for Grasping in Cluttered Environments
    Nikita Kitaev, Igor Mordatch*, Sachin Patil, Pieter Abbeel
    ThA2T3: Thursday 11:24, WSCC 607
  • Semi-Autonomous Simulated Brain Tumor Ablation with RavenII Surgical Robot Using Behavior Tree
    Danying Hu*, Yuanzheng Gong*, Blake Hannaford*, Eric J. Seibel*
    ThP1T6: Thursday 15:28, WSCC 611
  • Simulation Tools for Model-Based Robotics: Comparison of Bullet, Havok, MuJoCo, ODE and PhysX
    Tom Erez*, Yuval Tassa*, Emanuel Todorov*
    FrA1T5: Friday 9:15, WSCC 609
  • Sensor-Aided Teleoperated Grasp of Transparent Objects
    Kevin Huang*, Liang-Ting Jiang*, Joshua R. Smith*, Howard Chizeck*
    FrA2T3: Friday 11:32, WSCC 607
  • SMARTPIG: Simultaneous Mosaicking and Resectioning through Planar Image Graphs
    Aaron Marburg*, Michael Philip Hayes
    FrP1T8: Friday 14:30, WSCC 613/614
  • RoboFlow: A Flow-Based Visual Programming Language for Mobile Manipulation Tasks
    Sonya Alexandrova*, Zachary Tatlock*, Maya Cakmak*
    FrP1T3: Friday 14:54, WSCC 607